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DSI, Inc is a custom job shop and equipment repair facility, specializing in mechanical equipment repair and installation, custom machining, metallizing, babbitt bearing repairs, pump, blower, compressor, turbine and fan repairs, and sales of new equipment and parts. While DSI, Inc historically had served as an industrial repair company, and still does, there are a growing number of circumstances in which customers engage us as a mechanical subcontractor or as a general contractor for specialty projects.

For example, projects including:

  • Rehabilitation of Facilities and Systems
  • Real Estate Development
  • Industrial Expansions
  • Water and Wastewater System Upgrades
  • New Construction

DSI, Inc has grown to a full service, large scale custom machine shop primarily due to investment in large, modern machinery and an on-going training program. Metallizing is an area in which DSI, Inc excels. No one in the region has the equipment, experience or technology to perform this process to the extent that DSI, Inc can. DSI, Inc is a leader in industrial equipment repair due to the equipment we own and our personnel. This is demonstrated by our growth, enabling us to perform a wide variety of services, and our ability to accommodate large repair work.

DSI, Inc has further increased our capabilities by expanding into field machining, millwrighting, miscellaneous steel erection and related on-site services. These additional capabilities allow the company to provide specialized service throughout the region.

A unique market niche of DSI, Inc is its ability to provide emergency services. These services are available to any business or facility that has electro-mechanical machinery. Customers can utilize our services 24 hours a day, year round, through the use of the company's telephone answering service, mobile phones and toll free phone service number. Our fleet of service vehicles are equipped to handle a wide variety of service requirements.

DSI, Inc performs laser shaft alignments, dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, thermography, oil analysis and related diagnostic services. The company also implements and monitors predictive and preventative maintenance programs. We can also provide a full range of metal fabrication services and are ever expanding our expertise in specialized fields. Fields that include custom fabrications and specialized equipment for a variety of industries, field erection and installation services, and specialty coatings for corrosion and wear resistance.

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